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Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

We recommend that you get a routine dental cleaning at our Jackson Heights office to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of food and bacteria that forms constantly on your teeth.

A routine dental cleaning is often called prophylaxis or “prophy.”


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The Importance of Prophylaxis

Even when you brush and floss properly every day, some plaque remains on your teeth and hardens to become tartar. Tartar can be removed effectively only with a professional cleaning.


It is important to remove plaque and tartar because they are the main cause of tooth decay and gum disease.


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Subgingival Scaling (Deep Cleaning)
Root planing is a treatment that takes out the irritants, just like eliminating a splinter from an infected finger. Patients typically experience little discomfort after that and the gums feel much better. This treatment permits us eliminate: contamination, toxins, micro-organisms, plaque "biofilm", as well as tartar "calculus" that have permeated around and also listed below the gum. The root surfaces of your teeth are smoothed so the gum tissues could much more strongly reattach.


Root Planning.
This is one of the most standard procedure carried out to treat periodontal illness. Often, changes can be viewed immediately following a series of scaling as well as root planing sessions. After the treatment, previously red, bleeding and swollen gums become more pink and firm. Blood loss is lessened or eliminated, and the pockets become smaller. When this happens, it is easier to practice plaque control steps, that helps slow down the illness process.

ARESTIN® is indicated as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) procedures for reduction of pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis. ARESTIN® may be used as part of a periodontal maintenance program


The Procedure

To clean your teeth, we use a variety of instruments to carefully remove all the plaque and tartar above and below the gum line. These instruments may include hand scalers, an ultrasonic scaler, dental floss and super floss, or other flossing aids.


We may also use polishing instruments to remove stains from your teeth.


We will carefully review your home care routine as well. With regular dental cleanings, we can help you maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.


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82-11 37th Ave. Suite 704

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